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Man of La Mancha
at Merry-Go-Round

"Patrick Riviere is a marvelous Sancho Panza,
a deft comedian and a gifted actor."
Tom Woods – CNY Theatre

"Patrick Riviere's Sancho Panza, Quixote's loyal servant, was solid ...charming in the "I Really Like Him" song."
Barbara Adams – Ithaca Times

"MGR’s “Man of La Mancha” is a rousing musical experience of fine acting and singing that not only entertains, but also sends you off thinking as well as humming. Riviere judiciously resists the temptation to take Sancho’s comic persona to an extreme, giving us a very human character, rather than a comic caricature."

Tony Curulla – The Post Standard

The Last Days of Judas Iscariot
at Victory Theater


"The conflicted nature of Caiaphas – mediator and leader for the Jewish people – is elucidated by Riviere’s sharp performance; his time on the stand serves as one of the play’s best-realized sequences. "
Jesse David Corti – Stage and Cinema

"Everyone in this cast is truly wonderful, with standout performances by Riviere himself as Judge and Caiaphias the Elder."
Patrick Cronen – TheaterMania

"Outstanding performances by Patrick Riviere, the show’s director, as Caiaphas the Elder. Mr. Riviere is definitely a heavy who can stand his ground and it shows during his cynical debate with the prosecution for evidence of goodness in Judas." Tracey Paleo – GIAMEDIA3

The Imaginary Life of The Street Sweeper August G

at Casa 0101 Theater

American Premiere


"Patrick Riviere's suave boss...among the standouts." 
David C. Nichols – LA Times

"The antagonist of the play, the "White Baron" played by Patrick Riviere also gave an excellent performance holding his own against five versions of the lead character." 
Miguel Ortega-Garcia – LatinoLA

You're A Good Man Charlie Brown

at East Carolina Summer Theater

Tribute Production to Charles Schulz

"Good grief, Nathan Lane! A charismatic canine threat is nipping at your heels. The Tony-winning Broadway star, known for his singing, mugging and manic stage presence, arguably gets a run for his money by the wondrous Patrick Riviere in the East Carolina Summer Theatre production of "You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown." As Snoopy, Charles Schulz's black-and-white beagle who never met a bowl of food he didn't celebrate, Riviere is a howling, whirling dervish who dances with abandon, sings with verve and fairly explodes with unadulterated joie de vivre. Riviere is the paws-down standout..." – The Reflector          
Read the Full Review Here

Kiss Me Kate Concert, Kleinhan's Music Hall


"Patrick Riviere and David Bondrow were a hit as Gangster 1 and Gangster 2. It’s rare that bad guys don’t bog a show down. The naughty “Brush Up Your Shakespeare” was so cute that it won some of the heartiest applause of the night." – The Buffalo News


A Wonderful Life, Surflight Theatre


"Two performers, however, especially stand out. A Surflight newcomer, Patrick Riviere, gives the wingless angel a poignancy even the original Clarence, Henry Travers couldn’t deliver." – The Sandpaper


Anything Goes, Broadway on the Boardwalk, Trump Plaza, AC


"...and he is assisted by his hilarious Purser, played to the hilt by Patrick Riviere." – Wrona World


Family Dinner, Off-Broadway, The Beckett


"Patrick Riviere (as the adult Alex) has some very touching moments." Jason Clark, –


The Robber Bridegroom, New York City Revival at Theatre Off-Park


"However, most of the minor roles, and the ensemble were praiseworthy…and Patrick Riviere, who made of Raven a sad, neurotic bird, but a distinct character nevertheless." – Back Stage


Evita, Artpark


"There is only one vibrant performance in Evita – Patrick Riviere as the young revolutionary Che Guevara. Sometimes a participant in events and sometimes a commentator, Riviere as Che is the angry sardonic guide through Eva Peron’s history. Always the focus of attention, Riviere sings and acts equally well as he bobs and weaves around the stage. His moves are precise and powerful and he dominates most of the scenes in which he appears." – The Tribune

"Highlights: The night-long leadership of Patrick Riviere, as Che Guevara, a one-man Greek Chorus and Eva’s “conscience.” ...Opening night, the loudest bravos were deservedly for Patrick." – Niagara Gazette

Joseph..., Studio Arena


"The two best short numbers are Reuben (Patrick Riviere) leading a French accent number, complete with berets. It could be expected of Riviere, after some strong performances with N.U.T." –Tonawanda News

Vincent In Heaven, Buffalo Stages


"Patrick Riviere aptly portrays a good-natured and revealing look into the man who assumed the plight and the cause of the unfortunate and the poverty stricken, les miserables, as his own. (Riviere) is excellent as Vincent…" – Niagara Index


"Brother Augustine (playwright) and Patrick Riviere succeed in forcing us to face our own hypocrisy, our love of “success,” style and power. And Riviere portrays Vincent with restraint, a quiet peace and a pleasing, light sense of humor that appeals." – Niagara Gazette

Oklahoma, Artpark


"Terrific partners for Tramontana are Patrick Riviere as Ali Hakim the peddler and Tony Sperry as Will Parker the farm-hand. Both men have a disarming sense of comedy and are secure enough to turn it on themselves when necessary. They deliver marvelously fresh, contrasting performances." – The Tribune

"We get a funny performance from Patrick Riviere as Ali Hakim, the wandering peddler." – Tonowanda News

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